söndag 27 januari 2008

Hi, the other dogs in the family have said that I must tell about ALL of us... For me there are dogs and dogs... We sighthounds; salukis and afghans are REAL dogs... then there are "the small ones"! My mother and grand mother told that they are not like us, and I agree with them. But I guess that sooner or later I had to tell you that "we" are not only the salukis and afghans, so here it comes; "we" are also two shetland sheepdogs (shelties) and an american cocker spaniel! The shelties Angel and London are ok, they are delicate and pretty, even if a bit fussy, but Malou is always running around, sniffing, walking on her own ears and panting heavily all day long. She also carries balls and sticks and loves to retriver, just like our neigbours dog Sam (the springer spaniel). At our walks they always compete about who is going to carry the ball.

Yesterday we all went to the fields, or more correctly; the afghans didn't join as their coats would have been stuck with things, the fields are full of bushes, grass and weed, so they can not be with us there. Here are some photos, one is showing Heather (our neigbour) and her two dogs Sam and Hugo + Zara, Knodden and Malou (the cocker). As you can see it was a beautiful afternoon. The other photos shows Zara playing with London and Angel (the shelties).

söndag 20 januari 2008

Hobby and toys...

Mom bought us some toys one of the days last week. As I am a proud lady in her best age, soon 9 years old and don't play with toys anymore, I guess the toys were for Zara as she is still a baby. But who do you think went crazy with the toys? Hobby! She is well over 6 years and should have passed this childish habit a long time ago! But she jumped around with this fancy coloured "ball" thing with some kind of ringing bell inside. Very annoying in my opinion! Finally after some time Zara got the chance to play with it... But Hobby still plays with it every day, I guess she will NEVER grow up!

lördag 12 januari 2008

"Our" fields...

The last days we haven't been able to walk up in the hills so much. That's because of the "caterpillars" some dangerous larvaes that first lives in a "nest" in the pine trees and then comes down on the ground, walking in a long line connected to eachother. They look like butterfly caterpillars, but their "hair" is very poisonous and can be deadly for us dogs if we sniff on them or chew them. Therefore Mom takes us for a walk on the fields instead. Sometimes there are sheep and goats on the fields and then Mom doesn't let us run free, she is afraid we will chase them... and I guess we would! :-) Here you can see Knodden looking around and also him and Zara running and playing. Zara is teasing Knodden a lot and loves biting his ears. It's fun being there and sometimes we go there with our neigbour and her dogs (Sam & Hugo) too.

fredag 11 januari 2008

Blondie and boyfriend...

Hi, lately Mom haven't had time to help me write on the blogg because it has been lots of fuzz with Blondie. She is having her season and has been two times to meet her boyfriend. He is a real "spanish señor", dark, handsome and believe it or not, his name is EROS!
They say she will hopefully have babies in March. She went to him Tuesday, Thursday and now she says she wants to meet him again tomorrow Saturday too!!! Yeah, some of us gets lots of attention... Hmmmpf!!!



måndag 7 januari 2008

Knodden & Zara...

Lately we have had wonderful warm weather, like the very best Norwegian summer! We spend most of the day out in the sun, and Mum is better so we are taken for those long walks again. It is in fact not so bad... Here are some pictures of Knodden and Zara playing in the garden.

onsdag 2 januari 2008

Happy New Year!!!

It's some days since I wrote something here, that's because nothing special has happened. It has been New Years Eve, but as Mum and Dad were still not well it passed very quietly. There wasn't much fireworks around here either. It doesn't bother us, none of us are afraid of the fireworks.

Today it has been raining so we have been indoor almost all day and not done much. Only now in the evening it cleared up and Mum took us all for almost an hours walk. It was a bit cold, very windy and a little scary... All the lights along the road we usually use had for some reason stopped working, so it was VERY dark and plastic bags and other stuff were taken by the wind and whirled around everywhere. Uhuuuhuuuu, sometimes we really wondered what was coming towards us... But we soon found out it wasn't dangerous.

I hope to have more news tomorrow. Until then..., good night!