lördag 18 oktober 2008

Last weekend...

Last week we all had to take a bath, nobody of us likes it. First mom gave Hobby and Paloma a bath Wednesday. Then again Friday, and we suspected that something special should happen in the weekend. Normally it takes several hours from the afghans goes into the bathroom until they both are brushed and dry, and usually they are allowed to dry "naturally" by the sun and wind when she brushes them. But now mom used the blowdryer, so we thought is must be a show coming up. After being finished with the afghans she gave us 3 salukis a bath each, it took about 15 minutes, all together! As it was lots of sun and nice outside we could take a nap in the sun and get dry at the same time. Not that is takes much time with me and daddy (Sterling) as we don't have much coat! At the photos you can see what wet afghans look like, not very pretty! ha ha!

Saturday morning we went up early and were all (except the shelties) taken into the car..., YES..., to a dog show! We knew it! It was not very far away and we met lots of other salukis and afghans there as it was a special show for only our two breeds! It was fun!

tisdag 7 oktober 2008

Long time...

It is a long time since I told you someting here. The "smallies" (= the shelties) and I had an argue, they meant I didn't tell enough about them here. So now they have started there own blog, you can find it here:
We have been for lots of long walks , the temperatures are much better now, it is not so hot. But I like to play and run in the water if there is water around, and sometimes it is, and mud... he he

Mum does NOT like it when I've been into it, it stinks she says, I think it's like perfume! The bad thing is that I must have a bath when coming home, I don't like that!