onsdag 29 april 2009

A lovely day...

Today we have been for a long walk, it was almost too hot, as it was in the middle of the day and around 26 C in the shade. We went up to some old almond orchards, in the spring there are lots of flowers at the trees, now it is very green and lots of beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

Here are Hobby and Paloma, and behind them, you can see me; Zara. Below you can see me doing a "flying attack" towards Paloma, she comes slowly trotting and think it is too hot too run...
... so here I am coming back to mom before her.

Here is Hobby coming towards mom and her camera. She had only brought the mobile today, so the photos are not so good.

onsdag 1 april 2009

Sterling in the night...

In the evening when it is mild temperatures outside, Sterling loves to sit at the top of the stairs looking for cats.

He has the patience of a cat too, can sit still for long periods, just looking into the darkness!