onsdag 16 december 2009


Monday this week we got snow. On Tuesday the sun came and the view
from the house was pretty as a picture!
Sterling did NOT appreciate the wet and cold snow...

Guri thought it was very fascinating and tried to catch the snowflakes.

onsdag 9 december 2009

Guri & sheltie puppies

Guri is the perfect babysitter. She loves to play with the small sheltie puppies. She is careful with them and let them crawl all over her and biting her feet etc... Here are some photos when she is playing with Jewelee's puppies:

Emilio barking at Guri...


Emilio biting her paw...

Here with Emilio, Emerico & Eduardo

Emilio & Emerico...


måndag 26 oktober 2009

Why afghans...

... should not run and play around as they like on the fields?

They like MUD!
Guri says it is good for the coat, but mum does not agree!
Guri was VERY happy...

...until we came home and she had to be cleaned with the garden hoose

and then have a real bath!
Next time we will show how pretty she can be...

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Sterling & Sayma

Last Saturday evening Sterling got a lady visiting from France,
she is called Sayma and is a fethered grizzle. Her full name is
French & International Ch, French LC Ch Usayma-Ghada Al Firdous.
You can read more about her here: http://www.alfirdous.net/
Hopefully just before Christmas there will be born Sterling & Sayma babies!

onsdag 30 september 2009


Two weeks ago we went to a show in Gibraltar. It was a two days International KC show.
On Saturday we won the BOB with all 3 breeds; Saluki, Afghan & Sheltie!!!
"Knodden" Daxlore Camran won BOB, CAC & CACIB so he is now:
International*), Spanish & Gibraltar Champion!
Me (Zara) - Caravan Zahara El Shammar - won the BOS, CAC & CACIB
and we both qualified for Crufts 2010!
Here is a picture of Knodden:
"Guri" Caravan Color Of A True Blue was the big surprise of the day! From junior class she won the breed and beat all the adult and champions! As she is under 15 months she didn't get the CAC or CACIB, but she did qualified for Crufts too!
Here is a nice picture of her moving in the ring:
You can read about the Shelties results at http://caravanshelties.blogspot.com

*)to be confirmed by FCI

tisdag 15 september 2009

Sitting in the dark...

Guess how many dogs are sitting in the dark....?

Yes, two...

Knodden and Guri

söndag 9 augusti 2009


You know I told Zafir was a nice saluki, he treated me as the sofisticated girl I am, just as Iwould expect a real gentelman to treat me.

But the "other one"..., my God!!?? His name is Aris (Caravan Aris el'Torro), he is not my brother, but one could expect him to show some amount of behaviour! He hang in my butt ALL the time, I tried to chase him off, but he was like glued there... I really hope he will be better when he is a bit more grown up, and hopefully Zafir can teach him how to treat a girl!

fredag 24 juli 2009

More of brother Zafir...

Here are some more pictures of my brother Zafir.
He is real gentleman and it was fun to play with him at the fields. I think he is a very good runner, it's in the familiy! :-)

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Brother Zafir and his "little brother"

Last week my (Zara's) brother visited in Spain. His family own a house not far from us, so at first mum and dad went to visit them and took these pictures:

Caravan Zahid "Zafir"

In Zafir's family is also another Saluki, he is younger, just about a year old:

Caravan Aris el'Torro - "Aris"

The next day they all came to our house and we went out in the hills for a run. It was very hot so we didn't run very much, but mum got some nice photos. I will show them next time!
So long!

fredag 26 juni 2009

Caravan Color Of The Wind

I want to present some photos of the beautiful "Yva".
Her real name is: Caravan Color Of The Wind
Date of birth: August 1st, 2008.
Sire is: Ch Maidums Tuareg and dam: Caravan Blue Sphinx
Yva lives in Sweden with Flo & Camilla.

lördag 6 juni 2009

Trio in all shades...

Pale, grey and black trio of afghans begging for cookies from neighbour on coffee. From left Paloma, Hobby and finally Guri who is learning fast!

torsdag 7 maj 2009

Rose Garden

Mom likes to work in the garden, she loves flowers and here you can see some of the roses in our garden.
We think they are pretty, they smell nice too!

But the branches are very difficult to chew as they have lots of thorns. That's maybe a reason they grow so high and beautful, they are naturally protected against us hounds...

onsdag 29 april 2009

A lovely day...

Today we have been for a long walk, it was almost too hot, as it was in the middle of the day and around 26 C in the shade. We went up to some old almond orchards, in the spring there are lots of flowers at the trees, now it is very green and lots of beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

Here are Hobby and Paloma, and behind them, you can see me; Zara. Below you can see me doing a "flying attack" towards Paloma, she comes slowly trotting and think it is too hot too run...
... so here I am coming back to mom before her.

Here is Hobby coming towards mom and her camera. She had only brought the mobile today, so the photos are not so good.