lördag 30 augusti 2008

Afghans and agility!

Ha ha! I look forward to see Hobby & Paloma's faces when they read this post!

You know we have some very good friends that live a bit south along the coast from us, near Almería?! My best friend Warda lives in that familiy... I hope she comes to visit soon!

Today Warda's mum Merethe emailed me some very exciting photos! You can see them below...

PS. Hobby and Blondie, it's time to get your bodies in shape...

fredag 29 augusti 2008

Help! Agility salukis runs in the family!

OK..., it is just to accept and give in! Agility is definitly for us salukis, and it even runs in my familiy!

When mum saw my post from yesterday, that there where no pictures of agility salukis on the net, she went to her computer and found some photos for me to publish here. They show "Qashida" (Caravan Qasiidah Bint Sha'awa) doing different agility things... And do you know what!? Qashida is my AUNT, she is my mother Teefah's sister!!!

You can see she is really good at jumping, ...and almost as pretty as me!

So, now I really do have something to live up to... Knodden has promised to help me, but Sterling just turned his back to us and said that he will NEVER EVER do anything like that! Hobby and Paloma just stuck their noses in the air and said that they had still not seen any afghans doing agiliy...
So..., if any of you out there know an afghan who do agility and have photo proof of it, please contact me!

torsdag 28 augusti 2008

Agility & obedience...

I have learned two new words today: agility and obedience... The first means someting about running very fast and jump over things and up and down things etc... Probably something like what I do in the hills everyday, but mum says that one can not run just as one like, you must run in the direction that the owner points and over the obstacle they point at... sounds weird...

The other word; obedience, was not so easy to understand. Mum said that a dog that is obedient only does what he/she is allowed to do...? Hmmm, that doesn't sounds very fun, eeehh?

Mum showed us lots of photos here: http://www.starcan.es/ and said that she had been there yesterday evening, and that when she goes there next time, some of us dogs are going with her. We are supposed to learn this "agility and obedience".

We big ones (the salukis and afghans) have discussed this and believe this is more a thing for the "small'ies" (= the shelties)... at least Hobby and Paloma and Sterling agreed strongly upon that.

We looked at the internet and found pictures of many dogs doing agility, and lots of them where shelties. We could NOT find ANY afghans and salukis doing agility at internet...so maybe it IS a thing for only the shelties...?

But then Knodden and I taked more about it today and we think it sounds a little bit fun, at least we would meet a lot of other dogs there and get new friends? And Sam and Hugo, the neighbours dogs, will go too, so it could be fun... We'll see...

tisdag 19 augusti 2008


I am so happy! Knodden is here!

He came Sunday and had a lot to tell about all the things he had done when being away. He says that everything was fun and interesting, only the flight it self was very boring. Here you can see him at the airport waiting to get on board...

Today mum said that it wasn't as hot as it usually is, and took us for a long walk. We left at 18.30 and came back at ca 20.30. We went the "round" we usually walk when it isn't the warmest period in the summer. But I can tell you it was VERY hot for the first hour, then it cooled down a bit. At the picture we are almost back home and the sun is soon about to set. The evenings here comes very fast, one minute it is sun, the other it is almost dark.

torsdag 14 augusti 2008


You have heard before about Sam, the neighbours dog... We are still very good friends, I love to bite him in his ears, and he is very kind, he never says anything when I do it. Sometimes he try to run after his ball, but can't as I am hanging by his ear! Ha ha...

In Sam's familiy lives also Hugo, the pointer mix that was found badly hurt on the streets, probably hit by a car, last year. He is better now in his legs, but there is something wrong with his back, so lately he has not been allowed to run off lead, he must rest they say. Below you can see Hugo in the back, and Sam flirting with me...

I think he is very cute, so sometimes he is allowed to kiss me too! :-)

We like to go for long walks in the hills...

He is always close to me!

Mum says that on Sunday this weekend, Knodden will come home! That will be fun! Knodden and Sam are very good friends. Knodden is friends with Hugo too, Knodden likes everybody! I hope Sunday is very soon so we can go for a walk all of us and play together!

fredag 8 augusti 2008

Sterling un poco loco....


Today Sterling went a bit crazy again with one of the squeaky rubber balls! He usually never plays with such things, but the last weeks he has probably got too much sun or something because he jumps and runs and squeaks with this ball late in the afternoon when it starts to be cooler! We others are not allowed to play with the ball when he has it, we can only look, otherwise he gets angry at us... I don't say more, just take a look at the pictures... :-)

tisdag 5 augusti 2008



Today mum took us for a long walk , it is quite hot during the days so we have to do the walks in the evening. We went up in the hills that are very beautiful.

I was running and playing with the Shelties, it is fun but they are not so fast as me so I "win" all the time, it is almost not fair, they don't have chance! They are 3 ones against me, but never win! Their names are London, you can see her at the picture with me below, her color is bluemerle. Then are Angel that is black and white, and Fanny that is tricolor.

Fanny is still young, only 11 months, so she is very playful and "funny" ha ha... You got that? Fanny is funny... ! She likes to play with me, but I have to be a bit careful as she is so small. You can see her at the next photo. She has a very long tounge. She comes from Canada where it wasn't as hot as here she says, but she starts to get used now, she has been here for almost 3 weeks.

At the next picture you can see "our fields" in the background. We can not go there now as the farmer use them for his sheep and goats. They are very exiting but a bit scary at the same time. Knodden says you can chase them, but I wouldn't dare that, not by my own. Maybe if the runs before me. But he is not allowed to run off lead when there are sheep within many kilometers mum says... She has said that he is soon coming home, maybe already in about two weeks, I am not sure how long it is, but it is obviously closer now than first planned. I am very happy for that! Below you can see me waiting for the others along the path. Paloma stuck up her head and wanted to be at the photo too... :-)

fredag 1 augusti 2008


Hi, I know that it is a long time since I have been writing here. Lots of people has been complaining, but I can't find anything fun to write about when Knodden isn't here! He is still in Norway, I hope he will come home soon!

Until I find out what to write about next time I can show you some pictures:
They are from Midsummer this year. Mum and Dad had visitors; Merethe and Lasse, that lives a bit south from us came with their 2 dogs Halal and Warda.

Halal that is a saluki and is realated with me they say, because her family name is "Caravan" too. She is not interested in playing a lot, only a little she likes better too stand and watch us others play. But I manged to take her for a little run...

The other one is Warda that become my best friend. I think that Warda looks much more like me than Halal, but our people say we are not related! She is another breed they say, she is a Sloughi, I don't know what is is... But I think we are looking like two sisters, we have short hair and same colour, almost... And we loves to run and play. She is very kind and gave me kisses too, I think it was a little bit embarrassing, but what doesn't you do for friends! :-)

I hope Warda will come to us soon again, so we can play again!