fredag 24 juli 2009

More of brother Zafir...

Here are some more pictures of my brother Zafir.
He is real gentleman and it was fun to play with him at the fields. I think he is a very good runner, it's in the familiy! :-)

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Brother Zafir and his "little brother"

Last week my (Zara's) brother visited in Spain. His family own a house not far from us, so at first mum and dad went to visit them and took these pictures:

Caravan Zahid "Zafir"

In Zafir's family is also another Saluki, he is younger, just about a year old:

Caravan Aris el'Torro - "Aris"

The next day they all came to our house and we went out in the hills for a run. It was very hot so we didn't run very much, but mum got some nice photos. I will show them next time!
So long!