lördag 29 december 2007

We need a bigger sofa...

We need a bigger sofa, this just doesn't work! Mum is still sick and it starts to get boring just to sleep all day, and the best place is always occupied! It is almost so I wish she will be well again...

fredag 28 december 2007

Lazy days...

Ha ha ha ha! Mum has got a cold, really bad, so she can not take us for her long walks! I feel a little sorry for her when she is coughing, eating medicine and looking really bad, but at the same time I am very happy as we can stay all day in the sofa! Dad has a cold too, poor him, he has never forced us to go those walks!
So, here you can see some pictures of us sleeping:
Sterling warming his feet on Hobby

Me Teefah, Sterling and Paloma (he like their coat as he has none himself!)

Hobby sleeping very hard

Knodden and Zara

onsdag 26 december 2007


Now the Chtistmas is over for this time! At Christmas Eve Mum and Dad filled their table with lots of food and it looked so tempting; ham, ribs, sausages, meatballs and lots of other things. We hoped that they should go out for a while so we could have a little taste, but they didn't. Fortunately Mum had also made a "Christmas Plate" for us only! Doesn't it look good!? The box with chocolate is from Titti, so it is only MINE! Maybe I will share once piece each to the other dogs, but I am not sure yet...

At Christmas Day we had lovely weather, sunshine and nice, here is a picture of us when we are waiting for Mum and our daily walk, and another when we rest in the sunshine after the walk.

söndag 23 december 2007

The day before the day...

Hi all, now there is only one day left before Christmas! Mum and Dad have cleaned the house today, from floor to roof and our room and beds too. They have also made some of the food, the special x-mas food, as pickled herring, Julskinka (Christmas Ham) and things like that, it smells VERY good, I hope we will get a taste tomorrow! I am really "bad" at begging by the table when they eat, but I do it very nicely, just sitting there pretty and calm, looking if someone have a little bit for me. Paloma "Blondi" thinks she can camouflage with the table cloth, she walks under the table and just pop her head up and hope that the cloth will make her invisable... Hmmm..., they say "blondes have more fun" but I wonder if it isn't the other way round? WE have more fun with the blonds... ha ha :-)

torsdag 20 december 2007

Dog shows, snow, oranges and sundried afghans...

I have really been busy lately. No time to write here, but today I have time for some news. First; last week, at Friday Mum started to bathe the afghans, so of course I knew there was a dogshow coming up. When she bathe them on Fridays, there is always a show in the weekend. This time, just when she was finished in the bathroom and started to brush them, the electricity went out! So, I tought; how are the affies supposed to be dry now, with no blow dryer? But I forgot where we live, she just took them out in the sunshine and brushed them there; "sundried afghans", heard about that! In December!

Saturday morning we all had to take our places in the car and off we went. The weather had changed and there were several degrees minus in the morning. At the show the affies got nothing, so much for all the work with their coat! But we salukis did well, Knodden went BOB and I Best Bitch, we both got the CAC's. We had to wait for the finals, but Knodden didn't place. Then we headed home and slept a little before we had to leave for the 2nd days show early Sunday morning. When we left it was raining, and can you belive, on the high tops of the mountains around there were snow! You can see the white on the the top of the mountain on the picture. I think snow is quite nice when being so far away. Closer to where the show was held (Valencia) it was lovely weather with sunshine and nice temperatures. In the Valencia area they grow lots of oranges, 1000's and 1000's of orange trees everywhere. Strange to think about as there were snow not so far away. Today the affies in fact did well, Hobby got a CAC and CACIB and Paloma number 2nd after her with res-CAC/CACIB. Sterling went BOB, I was Best Bitch again and we all got the CAC's and CACIB's. Then we had to wait for the finals again. During the waiting time we all took a nap in the car. Paloma should of course take the best place and was allowed to be in the front and was playing she was driving! Sigh! Childish or what?! This show is held in some large large indoor fairgrounds. You can park the car indoor, not far from the ring, so great! I am sure Mum and Dad were happy for that, as with 6 dogs, crates, grooming table, beds and stuff there is quite a lot to carry around. In the finals Sterling was placed 2nd, that was VERY good, as the saluki rarely place in the grop here. Usually the Spanish Galgo is the winner, then afghan and/or whippet. After the finals we headed home again. The weather was nice with a beautiful sunset, but when we came up over the mountains and down towards "our" valley it was snowing heavily! You can guess the spanish people drove slowly as they are not used to snow! Fortunately at home there was no snow. The last week has been quite cold and we have also had some rain now and then, so we haven't done much. Some walks and then sleeping in the sofa. Mum and Dad went away yesterday to buy food for Christmas, I am looking forward to that! Lots of goodies! Hasta luego!

söndag 9 december 2007

Long time since last time...

I thought that it might be on time to write something so you don't think we all died after the vet visited us Tuesday! Today is Sunday and I can tell you we've been busy since then! Phew!

Wednesday Dad went away with the car and didn't come back until quite late in the evening. He had driven all the way to Madrid and brought back one of our best friends from Norway; Evy. She had been for a long trip... First she went with one of her puppies (http://www.kennelbiscotti.com/) to Madrid to pick up another pup from kennel Hyrkanya, he is sired by Sterling. Then they all 3 went in the middle of the night to San Francisco in the US. Both puppies went to Fiona Bennett (Sterlings x-mom). Evy stayed in San Francisco with Fiona for almost a week before coming to Spain to visit us. It was great fun to meet her again!

Thursday we had to stay at home alone as Mom, Dad and Evy went to Alfas Del Pi to visit Titti, it is only 45 minutes from here. Titti is from Norway but live down here now. I used to live with her before I moved to Mom and Dad. Titti have two italian greyhounds now; Benita and Alvira. Thursday was also "afghan-bath-day" and Friday I understood why... It was a dog show! We all went to the show and can you believe; I am the most beautiful of us all! Just look at the picture! I usually don't like to move too much, but now I were offered lots of goodies and really tried to make the best of myeself and won something called "Best of Breed" - I guess it means I am the most beautiful saluki in the world..., as I had to go to a show to prove that! Sigh...

Then Saturday Evy had to go back to Norway and Mom and Dad drove her to the airport. It isn't far, only 30 minutes. Later in the afternoon we got new visitors; Merethe and Lasse, they have been here before and their blogg is linked from this page. They have a saluki; Halal and two sloughis; Ahad and Warda.

Today - Sunday we all had to go up early to go to a new show. Now I was beaten by Zara, my own daughter, she won Best Bitch (only 9 months old!!!), and another pretty bitch owned by some friends of us (kennel Hyrkanya) won 2nd, then me. Sterling won a "point CAC" I have no idea what it is but it is very good... It was many salukis and afghans today, it was fun to meet them all! As I understand we all did pretty well!

Now I am very tired and want to go to sleep in the sofa... Maybe I'll have something else to tell about tomorrow... Until then... good night!

tisdag 4 december 2007

Veterinary stuff...

Hi all,
Yesterday I never had time to write. First a busy day and one of those long walks, and then in the evening the vet came to give us all injections. Our vet is a very nice young girl, we live on the way beween her office and home, so sometimes we don't have to go to her, she is coming to us. Now it was time for our ordianry vaccines, etc. After the vet had been there we all had to take a nap in the sofa...

söndag 2 december 2007

Some friends...

We have some good friends around here. Our best friend is living with our closest neighbours. It is Sam, he is a springer spaniel from Scotland, his mom and our mom often go for walks with us together. Zara love to tease Sam and bite him in his ears. He is very kind and let Zara do what ever she wants with him. He is quite fast to be a spaniel and love when Zara is chasing him.

Some time ago there were suddely a new dog in Sam's house. It is a black pointer mix, and his name is Hugo. Hugo is quite young and was found close to the highway by a roundabout. He lived there with is mother, his dog mother, beacuse they had no people of their own. They were both very skinny and looked for food in the garbage cans. The worst thing is that Hugo had probably been hit by a car, and had broken legs, both his hind leg and in the front.
Fortunately some nice people found them and took him to the vet and fixed his legs. Then our neighbour took care of him. He is now much better and don't need the plaster around his legs more, but the pins that keeps the bone fixed are still there.

Today was the first time Hugo could get off the lead an run with Zara and Sam, he is not very good at running yet, one of the hindlegs is not working properly, but he seemed to have fun being able to play and run. I am sure he is happy now, having his own family and doggy friends!

lördag 1 december 2007


When we go for a walk this is what we look like from moms view... We usually behave well as we want mom to be proud of us. So when we meet other dogs or cats are running out just in front of us, we try to stay calm. Today we went for one of the really long walks, mom and the 6 of us. On our way back we met a lady with a long haired white/ greyish dog, probably a "old english sheepdog" mix. This dog didn't behave well at all, he jumped and barked and growled, so his owner had to step a side from the path and try to make him stay calm. Mom told us to walk straight ahead, to not care about him and to behave, and we really did! We put our long noses in the air and just walked by. Only Zara was a little bit confused and wanted to look back to see if this snarling dog really didn't follow us, but the rest of us just ignored him and walked on. Mom was very proud of us and told us that we had been so good and that she was very happy with us! :-)
I should have told you today about our doggy friends that live here, but realized I have no pictures of them. So I told mom she must try to make some pictures tomorrow for me. Hopefully I'll be back then! Have a nice Sunday....