måndag 14 juli 2008


Hello there!

Now I'm back after the weekend. I have not been able do any updates here as Mum hasn't been at home. Last Thursday she went to Sweden to judge a dog show, many many Salukis she said! I wanted to be with her but she brought only Knodden! He will stay there for some months again, just like last year. Lucky him! He will go to a running competition in the end of this month, they call it Lure Coursing, it is some kind of a "fake" hunting... They chase a "plastic hare" Knodden told me and that it is really fun. I wish I can try it sometime too!

It's not so fun here without Knodden, he always have time to run and play with me, he is my best running friend. I am showing you a couple of photos today of him and me playing on the fields. They are from earlier this year, in the spring. But I have the neigbours dogs Sam and Hugo to play with, and the shelties of course. Sometimes my real Dad Sterling think it is fun to play with me also, so I guess I'll have lots of things to do until Knodden comes back again!

onsdag 9 juli 2008

My name is Zara...

... and I am Teefah's daughter. I am still very young, only 1,5 or something. I guess you have noticed it has been silent for a long time here at the blog. It was my mother "Teefah" who did the blog before. But then she got sick and my people say she had to go for a long journey to the "dogs heaven", I am not sure what it is, but they say she can chase cats and rabbits all day long and pick sausages from the trees! I miss her a lot, but hope she has good time where she is.

However I thought is was time to do something with the blog, I am not very good at the computer and such things yet, but Mum (Lotta) has promised to help me.

Today I have changed the look of the blog and uploaded a picture of me, you can see it to the right. I also wanted to show you a beautiful photo of Hobby and Sterling when they play in a huge heap of sand where they have a good view of the surroundings. I like to play there too and will show more pictures another day.

So long...