onsdag 25 mars 2009

Big feet!

Afghans are supposed to have big feet, it is said in the standard. I think Guri is correct at this point! Here she is sleeping beside Knodden.

Below is a close up on her feet... Agree? :-)

Bye, bye!

fredag 20 mars 2009

Saluki babies!

Some time ago a saluki named Isis used to live with us. She is now in Norway with a friend called Linn. On Valantine Day (February 14th) Isis got a litter, 7 very pretty puppies in different colors. A couple of the boys are still looking for a nice home of their own.

Here you can see the boys:
Dole, Ole, Robin & Doffen

and the girls:
Netti, Hetti & Letti

fredag 13 mars 2009

Friday 13th....

Today is Friday 13th! It is the second time this year; it was Friday 13th last month also... Best to be careful! So we have not done much today, just to be on the safe side. But I found some pictures of Knodden when he sleeps, he really looks weird!
More than relaxed you can say... Ha ha!

söndag 8 mars 2009



We have finally got some sunshine, after a long time with either rain or strong winds! This is great, I can never get enough sun!

But right now we are all a little bit sad, because last week Yess (one of the afghanpups) moved very far away, all the way to the US. She will live there with her brother Xavier (he was called Bathman when he was smaller), so I think she is happy, but we will miss her very much. I hope we will get some photos of her soon!

Here is a photo of Yess (left), Guri (middle) and Hobby (right). This was taken some time ago, so Yess and Guri were still small then. But you can see how cute they are!