onsdag 20 juni 2012

Zara in Sweden!!! .... Day 1 - June 11th

In the morning mom had packed a bag and we all thought she was going for a trip alone, again... But she brought out the big travel crate and my coats, both the warm fleece one, the thick winter coat and the blue fleece lined rain coat, so I got some suspicions. When it was time to load the car she called me and we went to the airport.

First we had to stand for long time in a line, waiting..., mom got some documents and then we went to a place where we had to walk through a frame and the crate was sent through some kind of machine. After this  I could go into the crate to relax and mom went away. There were a couple of other crates there with 2 dogs, so I had some company. After a while some people came and brought me and the other dogs to what looked like a huge kind of car, but the other dogs told it was a airplane, I have seen them flying in the sky many times, but never been in one. It was very noisy when it started and sometimes a bit shaky, but most of the time comfortable After a long time the airplane went down on the ground again, and new people, who talked like mom and dad, brought us dogs out of the plane, it was VERY cold! We came into a house and suddenly a door opened and there were mom, and also the people belonging to the other dogs. We were all very happy!

Mom took my crate and her bag on to a wagon, after a short walk we met another person, mom seemed to know her as they hugged and talked a lot. Her name was Anna and we went with her to a car and I could finally get out of the crate and stretch my legs a little before we all went into the car and we drove away. We traveled for quite a long time, first on big roads with light, then further and further out on the countryside. Even if it was long after midnight now, it was still not really dark, and the light came more and more..., like in the morning at home, but now it was in the middle of the night! Strange!

Finally the car stopped beside some houses, it was very quiet and no other houses, cars or people around. Really far out in the woods and it was still cold and a little bit rainy... Mom took the bag and me and we followed Anna into the house. In the kitchen I saw not less then 3 cats, wow! But they just sat on some chairs and did not move, even if I tried to scare them off, weird! 

Mom and Anna had some tea and talked and suddenly another Saluki came to see us, she had been sleeping upstairs. Her name was Snorpan and she lived in the house. We looked at each other and was not sure how we should behave, but she seemed to be nice. Shortly after it was time to sleep and mom got a room for us two, but they had to chase out some more cats before we could go to sleep. I started to think this is a very interesting and exciting house! And I was allowed to sleep in the bed with mom!!!

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